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Key #1 – Studying  & Learning

I’ll be introducing you to the best teachers I have found in key areas of life.

From the How To’s of conscious creation (mostly based off of Abraham-Hicks and Danielle LaPorte) to relationships (Alison Armstrong) to sex (Wendy Newman) to money, career & entrepreneurship (Wealth Dynamics, Roger James Hamilton & Kyle Cease), to fitness (NerdFitness for being fit anytime, anywhere – Alisa Vitti for hormone heaven for women), to nearly instant belief change modalities like PSYCH-K (Yes, it really does work!).

Key #2 – Practicing & LIVING the teachings

But knowing and doing are two different things. I believe that people are just better PEOPLE when they are happy and fulfilled. And I believe that everybody can find that place of fulfillment in their life if they are willing to shift their perspective.

The thing is, often we don’t KNOW that our perspective is just “one” perspective – we assume it is the truth. But hearing from others about their own perspective shifts is powerful, eye-opening medicine and helps us see our own blind spots.

So practicing the teachings with a group of others is a way to bring the information to life for ourselves and allow us to connect with the true power of any teaching.

Add to that the fact that we live in a time of abundant technology, and that technology can be (and already is being) leveraged to build strong communities of like-minded people, and we’ve got a powerful combination.

HJP hosts frequent book studies and mastermind groups on the various teachings that I’ll be introducing you to. Most of these are a combination of in-person & virtual, so no matter where you live, if you have access to strong enough internet service that you can stream live videos, then you are welcome to join!

If you are willing to host a book study (in person or virtual), I have a long list of books that are fabulous resources on all topics and would be happy to help you find people to join you. 

Key #3 – Community & Connection

I believe that a world where every person wakes up inspired to go to work and comes home pleased with the impact they made on the world that day is worth aiming for.

And that one of the best ways to create a world like that is to help people see how they can work together. A group of people who are all in their flow, working together is incredibly powerful.

If you are interested in starting your own local Abraham-Hicks meetup group, I am developing a guide to help you get it up and running and give you ideas for what to do and how to connect with others in your town that are looking for you right now! (Send me a note and I’ll let you know when its ready)