About Happy Joyful People

My name is Radiant Rebecca and I’ve come a long way in my personal journey of manifesting a life that I adore.

I’ve been describing myself as “living happily ever after” for years now, and HJP.com is my way of helping to show others how to create their own happily ever after.

A quick story : In 2015, I was teaching a new mini series (called “Mo’ Money”) to our local Abraham-Hicks meetup group and I wanted to show the members of the class how to be wildly successful with money (as I felt I had been).

So I began to look back at my own personal history and dissect my journey to success. And I realized that the rapid, joyful expansion I had enjoyed so much all circled back to 3 key elements.

3 Powerful Keys to Build Your Own Happy Joyful Life

  1. Studying the best, clearest teachings I could find and that resonated as True for me. Why? The better the tools in your toolbox, the better, stronger and sturdier life you can build for yourself. (For me that was the mainly the Abraham-Hicks material because to me it feels so clear and vibrationally accurate.)
  2. Practicing the teachings in my own life, on my own. It’s not the knowing that makes the difference, it’s the doing, and the doing well that matters. Having knowledge about how to consciously create what you want out of life is a very different thing than actually DOING it (and doing it is where all of the fun & exhilaration comes in, by the way).
  3. Connecting with a community of people who were also aiming to learn, study and live those teachings. Growing with others is not only fun, it’s powerful. We are social animals, and we tend to picking up new behaviors, beliefs, tools, tips, and ideas from the people we spend the most time with. (Pick your associates wisely – you’ll end up just like them!)

After realizing how important each of these areas were, I wondered if it were possible to create an easier, smoother path for both myself to continue my own expansion in the most powerful & easeful way possible, and to light up a path for others through these three key areas as well.

That is where Happy Joyful People Inc comes in.

My goal is to bring you the best vibrational tools I can find and to present them to you in the most practical and efficient way I can so that you can be empowered to build the life of your dreams.

Why HJP Events Are Special

The intention of Happy Joyful People Inc is to create a space for each of these key elements to flourish.

HJP will be hosting events (both virtual & in-person) to help improve access to the most powerful and efficient tools that I’ve found to be incredibly useful on a variety of topics. I have a plan to bring you the most useful and powerful teachings/systems I have used myself (Key #1!) and give you the opportunity to add new potential tools to your own toolbox.

We’ll be covering subjects such as:

  • Conscious creation, and fine-tuning your own vibrational tuner and therefore control what types of experiences are attracted to you.
  • Building a powerful entrepreneurial team and a business with a strong foundation that fulfills you on all levels and keeps all of your team members centered in their genius’ (AND changes the world).
  • Living a life of true partnership and admiration with everyone you love, live with, work with and meet (and feeling like royalty in the process).
  • Expansive relationships and sexuality – support and ideas for navigating this new paradigm of freedom-focused relationships, and how to honestly choose (and communicate clearly) what is truly best for you.
  • Learning how to re-wire your brain, all on your own, in order to support you better (a skill you will have now and forevermore).
  • Making friends with your body, with food and your 30 trillion cells – and learning how to communicate with your body in easy, clear, instant ways.
  • Money, abundance & prosperity and letting it all in!

HJP-hosted events put a substantial emphasis on doing to learn rather than just filling you with information (Key #2). After all, some of this information you may know consciously already but have yet to figure out how to make it stick in your brain often enough to be useful.

I’m also adding some technology magic into the background and will soon be bringing you even more events that you can either attend or listen in on from all over the globe.

HJP events also aim to build community and connection in order to give you the opportunity to practice your new skills & tools in real-life, AND to connect you with your own community of amazing, badass friends (Key #3! – so that together you can co-create whatever your heart desires).

And while we already have a strong local community of Happy Joyful People here in Seattle, making powerful information more accessible to others is a passion of mine, and my decade+ of experience with Meetup.com and the AbeForum.com has shown me the power of leverage in technology and that the Internet can be incredibly helpful at weaving together a strong community.

So I’m also hosting an online community center where you can connect with others and share how you are using these tools to live happier, more fulfilled lives.